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Anatomy of a FireWords entry

Each FireWords entry consists of the following parts (click each part for more information):


  • Title


    The title is simply the term to be defined.


  • Short definition


    The short definition begins with the part of speech (noun, verb, etc.); it is the shortest unique definition of each term. However, the short definition is not always sufficient to discern the important differences from similar terms.


    If the short definition ends with a citation, then the definition was taken verbatim from that reference.


    Any FireWords terms used within the discussion section are highlighted. Clicking on that term displays the short definition of that term in a small pop-up window. To go to the full entry for that term, go to the See Also section.


  • Discussion


    In the discussion section the author relates the term to similar terms, discusses its use (and misuse), perhaps its origin, and more.


    When a related FireWords term is used in the discussion section it appears as a link -- clicking the link displays a PopUp window displaying the short definition for that term. Clicking outside the PopUp closes the window. To view the full glossary entry of these related terms, use the See Also section.


    Only the first paragraph or two of the discussion is shown. If more discussion has been written, click on the more... link to display the full discussion.


  • Units


    The units section indicates standard choices for both scientific papers and fire management documents. In most cases we include conversion factors for converting between commonly used units for the term.


  • References


    Any literature cited in the glossary entry is listed under this heading.


  • See Also


    Links to the full glossary entry of terms used in this entry are listed under this heading.


  • Notes


    The notes section includes entries for:

    • author of entry

    • date entry was added or last edited