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How to use FireWords

Click each link below to view a detailed explanation of different ways to use FireWords.


  • Look up a term in the index


    Use the index tab (top of navigation pane, at left) to look for a particular term. Each term may be listed in several ways, For instance, the term 20-ft wind speed is listed as both:


    • wind speed, 20-ft wind speed

    • 20-ft wind speed


  • Look up a term by discipline


    In the table of contents is a section titled "Terms by discipline". Using this section you can browse all the FireWords entries pertinent to each of eleven different fire science disciplines. Each term appears in one or more disciplines.


  • Search the text or term list for a particular word(s)


    Use the search tab (top of navigation pane, at left) to search for terms.

    • Check the "Search titles only" box at the bottom of the pane to search only the term names.

    • Leave the "Search titles only" box unchecked to search the entire text of each term.

    • Check the "Search previous results" box to search within the results of the previous search; this is helpful for complex searches.


    Double-click on a term from the search results pane to display that glossary entry in the main window.

  • Follow a hyper-link from another term


    Each reference to another FireWords term within an entry is hyper-linked to that related term.


    • Links to related terms in the discussion section display the short definition for that term in a PopUp window. Use this link to view a quick definition of the related term without leaving the current entry.


    • To view the full definition including annotation, illustration, etc, clink the link in the See Also section. Click the back button to return to the current term.