10-meter wind speed

n. Wind speed ten meters (33 feet) above the surrounding vegetation.


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In most of the world, the standard height above the surrounding vegetation for measuring open wind speed is ten meters (33 feet); in the United States, it is measured 20 feet above the surrounding vegetation (20-ft wind speed). Multiply 20-foot wind speed by 1.15 to estimate 10-meter wind speed; alternately, divide 10-meter wind speed by 1.15 to estimate 20-foot wind speed (Turner and Lawson 1978).




In forested stands, ten-meter wind speed is measured ten meters above the top of the tree canopy; in shrublands, it is measured ten meters above the top of the shrub vegetation.


10-meter wind speed is used in combination with a wind adjustment factor to estimate mid-flame wind speed.


  • Units


    Preferred units for wind speed are km/hr in technical reports and papers. Fire Management in the United States still uses the English units mi/hr. Engineering and physics applications may use units of m/s or ft/s. See the following wind speed units conversion table for conversion factors.


  • References

    • Turner, J.A.; Lawson, B.D. 1978. Weather in the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System. A user guide to national standards and practices. Environment Canada, Pacific Forest Research Centre, Victoria, BC. BC-X-177.


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