Fireline intensity [Byram's fire intensity, Frontal fire intensity]

n. The rate of energy or heat release per unit length of fire front, regardless of its depth (Byram 1959).


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Fireline intensity is synonymous with the terms “Byram's fire intensity” (Byram 1959) and “frontal fire intensity.” It is the numerical product of a fire's rate of spread, fuel consumption, and heat yield at a given point on a fire’s perimeter. Reaction intensity and total fire flux are examples of other measures of fire intensity.


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    Preferred units for fireline intensity are kW/m in technical reports and papers. Fire Management in the United States still uses the English units BTU/(ft-s). See the following fireline intensity units conversion table for conversion factors.


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    • Byram, G.M. 1959. Combustion of forest fuels. In: Davis, K.P., ed. Forest fire: control and use. New York: McGraw Hill: 61–89.


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      Joe Scott, Research Forester

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