n. The source of heat that sustains the combustion process. (van Wagtendonk 2006)  


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In wildland fire, fuel is all combustible plant-derived material including grass, litter, duff, down dead woody debris, exposed roots, plants, shrubs, and trees. This plant-derived material can be dead or alive.  Plant parts that are not consumed, such as the trunks of live trees, are not considered fuel.


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    • van Wagtendonk, J.W.  2006.  Fire as a physical process.  In: Sugihara, N.G., J. W. van Wagtendonk, K.E. Shaffer, J. Fites-Kauffman, and A.E. Thode (eds.) Fire in California’s ecosystems. University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA. pp. 38-57.


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      Eric Knapp, Research Ecologist

      Pacific Southwest Research Station