Fuel characteristic classification

n. An arrangement or order of fuel complexes based on their capacity to support wildland fire and consume fuel.


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According to the Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS), the capacity of a fuel complex to carry fire and consume fuel is determined by the fuel type, condition and arrangement of the fuel, local weather conditions, topography, and, in the case of prescribed fire, ignition period and pattern. The FCCS is a system for classifying fuel complexes by this capacity. For more information on the FCCS, please refer to Ottmar and others (in press).


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    • Ottmar, R.D.; Sandberg, D.V.; Riccardi, C.L.; Prichard, S.J. [In press]. An overview of the Fuel Characteristic Classification System -- quantifying, classifying, and creating fuelbeds for resource planners. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.


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      Roger Ottmar, Research Forester

      Pacific Northwest Research Station