Fuel complex

n. The combination of all fuel strata present at a site.


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A fuel complex is composed of up to six fuel strata: tree, shrub, non-woody vegetation (grass and herbs), dead woody, litter/lichen/moss, and ground (duff). A fuelbed, as defined in the Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS), is a description of all six fuel strata that comprise a fuel complex. Other fire management applications describe a fuel complex by the separate fuel strata. For more information on the FCCS, please refer to Ottmar and others (in press).


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    • Ottmar, R.D.; Sandberg, D.V.; Riccardi, C.L.; Prichard, S.J. [In press]. An overview of the Fuel Characteristic Classification System -- quantifying, classifying, and creating fuelbeds for resource planners. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.


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      Roger Ottmar, Research Forester

      Pacific Northwest Research Station