Shaded fuelbreak

n. A linear path through a forested area in which surface and canopy fuel has been altered but where significant overstory is retained to shade surface fuel.


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A shaded fuelbreak is a linear landscape feature of variable width within a forest where the fuel profile has been altered.  Fuel is present in a shaded fuelbreak but is reduced relative to areas outside the fuelbreak.  In forests, shaded fuelbreaks have lower surface fuel loads, higher canopy base height, and often reduced canopy bulk density in comparison to the adjacent forest.  Sufficient forest canopy is retained such that surface fuel is shaded and exhibits slightly higher fuel moisture content and lower eye-level wind speed than open areas with no canopy cover.  Shaded fuelbreaks vary in width from 100 ft to 1200 ft. See Agee and others 2000, Green 1977, and Schimke and Green 1970 for further discussion.