Tree expansion factor

n. The number of trees per unit area represented by a record in a tree list.


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The tree expansion factor for sampled trees depends on the inventory design used.  For fixed-area plot sampling, the tree expansion factor is the inverse of the plot size. For example, if a tree is measured on a 1/10th acre plot, the tree expansion factor would be 10 trees per acre.  When point sampling is conducted using a prism, the tree expansion factor can be determined from the basal area factor of the prism and the diameter at breast height (DBH) of the tree (Avery and Burkhardt 1994).


  • Units


    Preferred units for tree expansion factor are 1/ha in technical reports and papers, but is more commonly expressed in units of 1/ac.


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    • Avery, Thomas E.; Burkhardt, Harold E.  Forest Measurements, 4th ed.  Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill. 408 p.


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      Stephanie Rebain, Forester

      Forest Management Service Center