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    Agee, James
    Barrett, Steve
    Butler, Bret
    Cohen, Jack
    Gerke, Diane
    Hood, Sharon
    Jimenez, Dan
    Knapp, Eric
    McHugh, Charles W.
    Ottmar, Roger
    Potter, Brian
    Reardon, James
    Rebain, Stephanie
    Robichaud, Pete
    Scott, Joe
       1-minute average wind speed
       10-meter wind speed
       10-minute average wind speed
       2-minute average wind speed
       20-foot wind speed
       active crown fire
       activity fuel
       aerial fuel
       available canopy fuel
       backfire (noun)
       backfire (verb)
       backing fire
       basal area
       burn out (verb)
       burn probability
       burnout (noun)
       Byram's fire intensity
       canopy base height
       canopy bulk density
       canopy closure
       canopy cover
       canopy fuel
       characteristic surface-area-to-volume ratio
       conditional crown fire
       conditional surface fire
       continuous crown fire
       crown base height
       crown bulk density
       crown class
       crown closure
       crown cover
       crown fire
       crown fire activity
       crown fire cessation
       crown fire hazard
       crown fire potential
       crown fraction burned
       crown position
       crown ratio
       crown thinning
       crowning index
       custom fire behavior fuel model
       diameter at breast height
       direction of maximum spread
       effective mid-flame wind speed
       equilibrium moisture content
       extinction moisture content
       eye-level wind speed
       fire-use fire
       fire-use incident
       fire behavior
       fire behavior characteristic
       fire behavior fuel model
       fire characteristic
       fire environment
       fire exclusion
       fire front
       fire hazard
       fire intensity
       fire potential
       fire type
       fire use
       fireline intensity
       foliar moisture content
       forward rate of spread
       free thinning
       frontal fire intensity
       fuel model
       fuel modification
       fuel strata gap
       fuel treatment
       fuelbed depth
       gust wind speed
       head fire
       horizontal movement rate
       Huygen's principle
       independent crown fire
       instantaneous wind speed
       intermittent crown fire
       maximum reliable wind speed
       mid-flame wind speed
       moisture of extinction
       no-wind no-slope spread rate
       open wind speed
       optimum packing ratio
       packing ratio
       particle surface-area-to-volume-ratio
       passive crown fire
       peak wind speed
       point-source fire
       rate of spread
       resultant spread vector
       spread direction
       spread rate
       standard fire behavior fuel model
       structure fire
       surface-area-to-volume ratio
       surface fire
       sustained wind speed
       torching index
       tree crown street
       wildland fire
       wildland fire use
       wildland fuel
       wind-driven fire
       wind adjustment
       wind adjustment factor
       wind coefficient
       wind direction
       wind gust
       wind limit
       wind reduction
       wind reduction factor
       wind speed
       wind vector
       wind velocity
    Smith, Jane
    Solomon, Robert
    van Wagtendonk, Jan
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